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Craft the contours of your dreams

If you’re struggling with stubborn areas of fat and want to boost your muscle tone, Emsculpt NEO in Vienna achieves fat burning and muscle building simultaneously. The new gold standard of body sculpting procedures, Emsculpt NEO is totally noninvasive.

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Dermestetics’ Emsculpt NEO specialists use precise device placement and superior product knowledge to provide amazing body contouring results.

As leaders in the field, we are adamant about regular training and refining our ability to better serve our patients. That means you benefit from advances to body sculpting techniques other cannot match.

Why do we love Emsculpt NEO?

Two treatments in one session
Strengthens muscles that relieve lower back pain
Jumpstarts a healthy lifestyle

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Consultation Required?


Duration of Results

6-12 months

Sessions Needed

4+ sessions, every 7 to 10 days for the first 4 sessions



What It Treats

Burns fat
Builds muscle
Strengthens muscle
Tighten and tones


Sessions One Four
Abdomen $1,000 $3,400
Buttocks $1,000 $3,400
Thighs (per area) $1,000 $3,400
Triceps & Biceps $1,250 $3,550
Calf $850 $2,900

Did you know?

Emsculpt NEO uses advanced High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy for muscle strengthening while using radiofrequency (RF) heating for fat reduction.

How it Works

Get ready for your appointment

Our customized approach to Emsculpt NEO body sculpting

Before any body sculpting treatment, we tailor your customized approach during a thorough consultation. We discuss your concerns, goals, and medical history, and assess your target areas. Once we have the needed information, we curate your treatment plan and determine a schedule of treatments that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Who is a good candidate for treatment with Emsculpt NEO in Vienna?

Whether you are targeting your abdomen, buttocks, thighs,triceps/biceps, or calves, Emsculpt NEO is completely noninvasive and uses proven technologies with histories of safe use. This means nearly anyone who wants to burn fat while strengthening their muscles could benefit from Emsculpt NEO in Vienna.

What happens during the treatment?

During your Emsculpt NEO appointment, you’ll relax in one of our luxurious aesthetic treatment rooms. Your provider will apply and secure the Emsculpt NEO paddles to your target area(s) and your treatment will begin. You may experience the feeling of muscle contractions, but there is no pain during or after the procedure.

Ensure your results

Complementary Treatments

To create a comprehensive treatment plan to address each patient’s concerns, we often combine Emsculpt NEO with…

Interested in a deeper analysis of your skin health?

You can add a VISIA skin analysis to any appointment to track your skin’s age and learn more about the treatments that can address underlying concerns.